How to install Magisk Delta from start?

How to switch from current Magisk to Magisk Delta and vice versa?

Just do like when you update Magisk!

  1. Install, open and then grant root acccess to Magisk Delta.
  2. In Magisk section, tap “Install” and then “Direct Install”. If you don’t see this, try close and open the app.

Just flash Magisk Delta from current Magisk app

  1. Rename the extension magisk.apk to
  2. Open Magisk app, click “Modules” tab -> “Install from storage” and choose

Please only use this method on ROM with Permissive SELinux mode or Enforcing SELinux with permissive “u:r:su:s0” context in sepolicy rules such as userdebug ROM like LineageOS. You should have a backup of your ROM in case system can’t boot and do not use broken Custom Recovery. Your ROM must be able to mount read-write and your kernel must support dynamic SeLinux rules patch. Process this method at your own risk!

For some reasons, you don’t want to install Magisk in regular way (patch boot imge), you can install Magisk directly to /system.

  1. Restore to stock boot image if you already have Magisk installed
  2. Boot to recovery, rename magisk.apk to and flash it.
  3. If you want to update Magisk, please use Direct Install into system partition instead of Direct Install

How to install Magisk into Android-x86 project or Android emulator

Before start:

  1. Only Magisk Delta support Magisk installation into system partition.
  2. Although emulator has ramdisk image, patching ramdisk is not used because ramdisk is stored in seperate partition with very SMALL disk size that is not enough to store Magisk binaries.
  3. Latest Magisk Delta Canary has been adopted to support Bluestacks, but need app_process wrapper to run Zygisk.
  4. List of emulators have been tested: NoxPlayer, LDPlayer, MEmu.
  5. List of Android x86 project has been tested: BlissOS, PrimeOS
  6. Waydroid is supported on Canary build.

Step to step to install Magisk into emulator like NoxPlayer, LDPlayer, MemuPlayer,…

  1. Enable Root access in emulator settings
  2. Install and open Magisk Delta
  3. Grant root access to Magisk Delta, click “Install” under Magisk field and use “Direct Install into system partition” option instead of “Direct Install” option (If you don’t see this option, close and re-open Magisk Delta app) Don’t restart now!
  4. Disable Root access in emulator settings. Backup built-in su (/system/bin/su and /system/xbin/su) and delete them (in case you want to uninstall Magisk and restore to built-in su), then reboot. Because emulators like LDPlayer will remove all su after disable ROOT from settings, DO NOT disable Root access in emulator settings.
  5. Enjoy Magisk!

Step to step to install Magisk into Bluestacks

  1. Download Bluestacks Tweaker from here
  2. Use Bluestacks Tweaker and click “Unlock” to unlock Bluestacks instance and then launch it, overwise you can’t install Magisk
  3. When the instance starts up successfully, click “Patch” to open root access, install Magisk Delta and execute “Direct Install into system partition” action
  4. When you are done, click “UnPatch” and then relanch the instance.
  5. Enjoy Magisk!

Step to step to install Magisk into Android-x86 project

Step to step to install Magisk on Waydroid

After enabling MagiskHide, why my app/game can still detect emulator?

MagiskHide is not emulator-detection bypass

How to manually trigger Core-only mode from Recovery?

Create a empty file named .disable_magisk in these location: /cache, /persist or /metadata

Why not restore Magisk modules online repo?

The official Magisk modules repository is dead and no longer maintained. Due to that, add them back is meanless. However, Fox2Code has developed Magisk Modules Manager app which allows you to download Magisk modules online.

Should I install Shxxxxo module to hide root?

Why some modules are broken after enabling SuList?

SuList means MagiskSU and modules are not mounted by default, only the those apps in the list will have Magisk mounted, so the functionality of the modules is not fully supported because most of them must be mounted in all apps, which is equivalent to be detected. More information about SuList, please read this